Unit 9.1 - Working with Windows Movie Maker

Movie MakerIn this unit you will learn to create video using Windows Movie Maker. This will involve you capturing your own video and pictures using a digital camera OR downloading and editing video OR downloading images from the internet to make a slideshow video using the stills.

Unit 9.3 - Spreadsheets

This course is designed to teach the Year 9 the basics of Spreadsheets including the terminology, using formulae, inserting headers and footers, formatting a spreadsheet and display information using Graphs.  The course is for 6 weeks including an assessment to complete the course.

Manager: M McMullan

Unit 9.4 - Website Development

In this unit you will learn about careers in web design and will develop a simple website using HTML and CSS

Unit 9.9 - Exploring Programming - Introduction to Python

ScratchIn this unit you will learn how to program a game using Scratch. You will then be set a challenge to develop a game for another curriculum subject as part of the Key Stage 3 Accreditation.

Manager: M McMullan