Unit 8.1 - Introduction to IT at St Louis

Unit 8.1In this unit you will learn the basics of how to access St Louis' network for use in ICT and all the other subjects.

Manager: M McMullan

Unit 8.2 - e-Safety and Online Communication

Unit 8.2In this course you will learn how to use the VLE, know what 'Netiquette' is, and begin to understand how to protect yourself whilst online. You will create a publication electronically based on the theme of e-communication and e-safety. You will use online software called "Prezi" to do this. You will give your presentation to the class.

Unit 8.3 - Introduction to Computer Programming Pt.1 Scratch

ScratchIn this unit you will learn how to program a game using Scratch. You will then be set a challenge to develop a game for another curriculum subject as part of the Key Stage 3 Accreditation.

Manager: M McMullan

Unit 8.4 - Working with Sound

AudacityThis course will take you through the basics of using Audacity.

Audacity is a open-source program. You can download a copy for yourself! It is available in school under: All Programs > ICT
Manager: M McMullan

Unit 8.5 - Developing a Smart Phone App

In this project you will work as a team to design a smart phone app. You will brainstorm your app and learn how to use graphics editing software to develop the assets needed. You will then produce an app that has at least 8 pages. At the end of the unit you will be able to upload your completed prototype to your own smartphone!
Manager: M McMullan

Unit 8.6 - Working with Windows Movie Maker

Movie MakerIn this unit you will learn to create video using Windows Movie Maker. This will involve you capturing your own video and pictures using a digital camera OR downloading and editing video OR downloading images from the internet to make a slideshow video using the stills.
Manager: M McMullan