Unit 1: The Construction Industry for the 21st Century

The revised GCSE Construction course is made up of 3 units:


Unit 1: The Construction Industry of the 21st Century  (40%)

Unit 2: The Construction Craft Project                        (30%)

Unit 3:  Computer Aided Design in Construction            (30%)

Unit 1combines the use of modern and traditional processes and materials. The industry influences, and is influenced by, the society, economy and environment in which we live.

This unit is a comprehensive introduction to the construction industry. Students have an opportunity to gain understanding of the main types of construction, related employment, and the resources used in the building environment. They are expected to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of, and be able to evaluate, the main social, economic and environmental considerations relating to construction.

Students are assessed on all of this unit’s content through one written external examination. The examination lasts 1 hour 30 minutes.